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Odds are a numerical expression, usually expressed as a pair of numbers, used in both gambling and statistics.

Understanding betting odds can be extremely confusing and the information they convey can be overwhelming.

In the world of sports betting the first thing you will need to learn is to read and understand the odds.NHL betting explained, including information about the most popular type of hockey bets (money line, over under, and prop betting).An overview over how bookmaking works, how they set the odds, explanation of american, fractional and decimal odds, and more on betting odds.Sports betting odds and lines explained for novice sports handicappers.To first understand what betting odds are, we have to first understand the concept of chance.Because these odds include your stake, decimal odds will always be over 1.0 and an even money bet would be written as 2.0. Fractional Odds.

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Fractional Odds are used predominantly in the real world high street bookmakers, however a number of online Bookmakers do offer them.

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We explain in full in our beginners guide to gambling odds, with helpful examples.We will help you understand the basics of odds in online sports betting including fractional odds and decimal odds to help you bet correctly.Fractional odds are the ones you will find in UK high street bookies, as well as pretty much any reference to betting odds in the British media.Football Betting Lines Explained. The betting line will have different wager options within the betting line.When betting, horse racing fans may encounter different kinds of odds.

The beauty of internet betting sites is that you can bet on one game or ten at once.Actually the list is quite long as sports betting is a very serious occupation, but some points are just of crucial importance.Soccer Betting Odds Explained - How to convert bookmaker soccer odds into probabilities and therefore how to find the best value soccer bets.

In addition to my addiction to Fantasy Sports, I also enjoy the occasional wager on a particular sporting event I find of interest.This section will show you how to read sports betting lines in the most popular odds formats.If you see a horse listed at 7-2 odds for the first time, or a mutuel.Brief tutorial on how MMA betting works and how to read the odds.